Gravity Printech Solutions
Gravity Printech Solutions

Ink cartridges are needed by all sorts of industries from small to giant companies. Gravity Printech is a reliable and cost-effective place for quality ink cartridges. With high-quality and durable cartridges, companies save on printing and printer maintenance. Gravity has a full range of Tij printer cartridges. With our immediate supplies of best quality ink cartridges, we have been one of the most preferred printer cartridge suppliers for numerous businesses in India.

Cartridge for TIJ Printers

Cartridges are small units containing either black coloured or other variant coloured liquid ink. These are widely used in the inkjet printers. A good quality of cartridges enables good spraying of the ink and setting of ink on the page surface. The cartridges we supply are also compatible with different qualities of paper including labels, and stickers. Regardless of the type and thickness of paper, you can get a clear print on the surface with the good quality cartridge.

Our cartridges are loaded with high-quality fluid ink that remains in fluid form for a longer time. There are minimal issues like drying up of the ink and smudged prints.

Best Printer Cartridges

Gravity strives to maintain the quality through various quality checks. All the cartridges are well designed and durable.

High features of our cartridge-

1. Light weighted
2. Compact structure
3. Well finished
4. Higher durability
5. Available for top printer brands
6. Competitive prices
7. Easy to install
8. Smear-free neat printing

With our superior quality of cartridges, we are counted as a leader in supplying a wide range of inkjet cartridges. The cartridges we supplying are made of superior quality components and hence ensure a high level of reliability and performance.

Why Choose Gravity Printech

We are able to supply cartridges at competitive rates with time-bound deliveries. With good quality of cartridges in your printer, you save remarkable cost on printing. The products are designed to give excellent print quality for a longer period of time. The products are resistant to a moist environment and give consistent performance in all weathers.

The cartridges are simple to store and feed in the printers. We offer black ink cartridges and coloured cartridges to fulfil your diverse printing needs.

Besides focussing on quality and timely delivery, we are passionate about building relationships. Hence, we have been a preferred partner for lots of industrial units and commercial units. Depending upon the printer, we will supply the right quality and brand of the cartridge immediately upon receiving your requirement.

Gravity Printech is fast to take the changes with its stride. We ensure that our customers get the benefit of the cost-effective technologies. With improvements in printing equipment and technologies, we bring cost-saving products to save the cost of printing in offices and industrial units. Be it small offices a large enterprise, our dedicated services are guaranteed for all our customers.

Our Specializations

We specialise in all consumables of Videojet, Markem Image, Domino, Zebra and Citizen Printers.